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How to use discount calculator

Enter the original price for which you want to calculate the discount and the percentage discount to see the discounted price. The discounted price is rounded to the third decimal place and displayed with the price to the second decimal place.

Calculation of percent discount

In the case of percentage discount, it calculates what percentage discount of the entered price.

Example: In the case of 20% discount of 100$, 100$ x 0.8 = 80$. In the case of 5% discount of 200$, it will be 200$ x 0.95 = 190$.

Calculation of Include Tax and Without Tax

If you select Include Tax, the price entered is calculated as the price including tax. In this case, only the discounted price is displayed.

If you select Without Tax, the price entered is calculated as a tax excluded price. In the case of Without Tax, you can also enter the tax rate.

In this case, the discounted price is displayed together with the price, the tax rate, and the price including tax. You will also see tax-only prices.

Example: The tax rate is 8%. In the case of 30% discount of 100$ without tax, we calculate tax for 70$ after 30% discount.

70$ x 0.08 = 5.6$. The tax price is calculated by adding the tax. (70$ + 5.6$ = 75.60$)

Save discounted result

After discount calculation, you can save the calculated result by clicking "Save" button.

If you saved multiple results, the sum of each discounted result is also displayed.

Also, because the tax rate is reflected in the saved data, changing the tax rate also changes the tax-included price of the saved data.

In the calculation of totals, if you want to calculate taxes without taxes, calculate the tax on the total price. Therefore, it may be different from the total value of each tax-included price.

Example: If you purchase two items of 14% off 105$ without tax, each will be 105$ x 0.86 x 1.08 = 97.524$. If this is rounded off to the third decimal place, it will be 97.52$, and two will be 195.04$.

In the case of two totals, the result will change to 195.05$ by rounding off the third decimal place at 210$ x 0.86 x 1.08 = 195.048$.

Delete discount calculation result

The discount calculation results can be deleted individually by clicking the x button at the left end of each column.

Also, when you click the "Delete All" button, all saved data will be deleted.

The data of the discount calculation result is stored in the cookie of the browser of your PC. Therefore, please be aware that it will disappear if you change the computer or delete the cookie when deleting the history.